Roll-On Bottle Recipe For A Headache

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Roll-On Bottle Recipe For A Headache

Roll-On Bottle Recipe For A Headache

Is there a fixed time to get a headache? Of course, the answer would be no. Headaches, like friends, can come and go at any time unannounced. However, no one would ever wish to have such a friend. You might be in the midst of a meeting or even a movie. Would you have the time to pop a pill? You would require a glass of water to do so. Applying a pain balm would be a better option. However, a pain balm is a sticky ointment that could again cause you to rush to the washroom to clean your hands. Imagine you have an appliance that could do the requisite job and still not dirty your hands. You would have wished to have one. You would be surprised to know that there is one such fantastic contraption. This is the “Roll-on Bottle.”

This is the handiest way to carry your medicines and apply them as well. The best part of this exercise is that you do not have to stick your hand inside the medicines necessitating a wash every time you use them. The second advantage is that you would be using the medicine in the appropriate quantity. You would not be wasting the medicines in any way. The Roll-on bottle scores over the aerosol sprays in this area. You waste a lot of medicine while using the spray. Your medicine would be for you alone and not for the entire room.

These Roll on bottles are perfect for carrying the essential oils, perfumes, etc. There would be no danger of the oils evaporating because the bottle would have an airtight cap. There is no chance of any ultraviolet radiation exposure as well because of the dark amber color of the bottles. In addition to looking elegant, the “Roll-on” bottles have tremendous utility. They should adorn every woman’s handbag.

While on the subject of the Roll-on bottles, would it not be proper to share a Roll-on bottle recipe. You can prepare your own emergency medicine to take care of this unwanted friend. The ingredients you require would be a couple of aromatic essential oils, a common base, and a “roll-on” bottle.

The perfect combination of the essential oils would be Lavender oil, Peppermint oil, and Frankincense. Mix the three oils in equal proportions and add it to your “Roll-on” bottle. Add the coconut oil base to it. Mix the oils and your headache fighter is ready for use.

Lavender oil can relieve the tension whereas the peppermint oil can leave a cooling sensation. The Frankincense would be the best medicine to take care of any inflammations and is a great stress buster. This bottle should find a permanent place in your handbag at all times.  

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